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this is movie fantasy model 'Jinju''s eighth digital photo book, 'Draw Me'.

photographed by '5y studio'

"You Can Draw Me."

The golden body line of 'Jinju' you imagined.

Look at her figure like a work of art.

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This is the seventy-ninth photo book of Movie Fantasy [HIGH FANTASY] series.

♥ [HIGH FANTASY] Introduction to the series digital photo book ♥

Among the digital photo books released in 'Movie Fantasy',

[HIGH FANTASY] This is a guide to the series of digital photo books.

[HIGH FANTASY] The series digital photo book is...

More than the basic series of pictorials of 'Movie Fantasy',

It's a digital photo book with unconventional settings and high levels of concept and exposure.

For information on the exposure level, please refer to the sample image of the digital photo book and the link to  Movie Fantasy YouTube Link(Click)

It was produced by reflecting your opinions on wanting to have a deeper connection with 'Movie Fantasy'.

Please look forward to and support the works of 'Movie Fantasy', which reflect your valuable opinions.